I'm Paul Murphy, a Product Designer at Datahug in Dublin, Ireland. I design, build & write. Contact me.


I aim to solve complex design problems with intuitive UX coupled with a beautiful, typographically focused UI. I'm passionate about prototyping, designing and building with the tools most suitable to the medium – HTML, CSS and JavaScript. To put it simply: I believe in designing websites, not pictures of websites.

I strive to build device agnostic products that cater to all users, not just a subset using the most popular devices of the day. How can this be done? Adopting a mobile first, responsive design approach with an emphasis on progressive enhancement will get us close. Embracing the fluid nature of the web and working in an iterative, flexible manner will do the rest.

I've worked on complex products with a large user base such as Ext.NET, SkillPages and Datahug. Products I've designed have reached millions of users worldwide.

Download my CV.