Paul Murphy

Product Designer at Datahug in Dublin, Ireland.

About me

As a Product Designer, it’s my job to understand the needs of users and solve their problems through a combination of intuitive UX and beautiful UI.

I strive to be involved at every stage of the product development process, from conceptualisation through to implementation. This means I am just as likely to be digging through analytics and conducting user interviews as I am designing high-fidelity mockups or prototyping in code.

I believe that designing successful products requires three characteristics: An in-depth understanding of the problem to be solved, meticulous attention to detail in execution and a desire to iterate until a successful outcome has been reached.

I’ve worked with a range of startups from both large scale consumer products like SkillPages, to niche SaaS products like Datahug. Products I've designed have reached millions of users worldwide.

Case Studies